The Ventilation

A factor that affects the dough outcome is the Ventilation


The process occurs once the dough is done and left ready in the pasta maker. After, there will be 1, 2 or 3 pauses of respectively 15, 20 or 30 minutes according to the pizza maker choice and different results to be achieved.

At the end of each pause, the pasta maker is turned it on again giving the dough three full turns.

At the end of the process it will be obtained

  • more strength and toughness of the dough’s gluten structure;

  • more duration of the yeast;

  • an increase of the product’s potential.

The ventilation process becomes very important with high hydrated doughs like the one for Pinsa Romana or Roman Pan Pizza. The purpose is to let the dough more consistent by increasing the water absorption.

A not ventilated dough comes out more sticky, after the ventilation process it loses its stickiness, even if it is strong (i.e. resistant to stretch).

By comparing two bases of the same dough, the one that did the ventilation process will grow in height, while the one that did not will be flatter.

For Pinsa Romana’s product would be great to complete one ventilation cycle with at least two breaks of 15 minutes.

The ventilation process occurs when the mixer tank turns several times with the dough in foaming action. Through this the chemical reaction happens between simple sugars and yeasts and all of it, because of the air absence (i.e. anaerobiosis1), leads to a growth that dries and strengthens the dough. At this point (after one hour of working process) the product must be removed from the mixing tank and kept in the fridge at temperature between 4 and 5 degrees, from a minimum time of 24 hours up to a maximum time of 150 hours.

1 Anaerobiosis is the life condition of different organisms, whose metabolism does not require the presence of molecular oxygen (O2).

Certainly, the optimization and strengthening process of the dough is easier by using the product made in the Di Marco’s factory (i.e. the flour Pinsa Romana, flagship of their productions).

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