The Pinsa Romana Phenomenon

Everyone knows it by now, it has been the Pinsa evolution.

It is the end of 2014 and only 13 years ago, in 2001, Pinsa Romana came alive thanks to the idea and work of the pizza maker Corrado Di Marco. Originally a pizza and bread maker, Di Marco had been a manager in this industry for a long time.

The so loved and well-known pizza in teglia has developed because of the knowledge and studies of the new types of flours and dough mixtures carried out by the expert Di Marco, who has also taught famous pizza makers such as Angelo Iezzi and Maurizio Capodicasa.

The Pizzasnella flour, versatile for all professional uses, was Di Marco’s strong point.

Following this short introduction about the Pinsa Romana inventor, I add that in 2001 mister Di Marco, certain of the product’s potential, introduced the Pinsa Romana as the antagonist of the traditional, loved and worldwide successful pizza: this is why, to begin with people were sceptical about this new product.


Pinsa’s strong points (registered brand) were and are: high digestibility, lightness and the balance between the crisp crust and soft dough.

In addition, it is possible to carry out a long rising dough processes (from 24 to 120 hours) using the cold technique to achieve the right dough maturation after approximately 48 hours as well as carrying out the dough ventilation process.

The first pinseria in Rome was opened in 2001 in the neighbourhood of Prati under the name of Pratolina, which is still today one of the best and most popular pinseries.

Thanks to the success of this activity, Pinsa started to slowly emerge and become renowned among all the professionals of this sector and the public.

Over the years, the Pinsa Romana flour has been optimised after long studies and experiments in Di Marco’s factory based in Guidonia Montecelio. The outcome is a product with a great potential to take advantage of – a strong blend made with three flours (wheat, soya and rice) and a dried sour dough. This product is able to reach very high hydrations (85%) as well as being more easily digestible thanks to soya and rice ingredients.

The Pinsa Romana flour is LIPID-LOWERING, LOW-CALORIE and GMO FREE.


The pinseria restaurants start to spread from Rome to all over Italy and successfully at an international level…everyone tasting Pinsa likes it!

It follows that more and more expert pinsa makers (Pinsaioli) are needed and wanted. They are normally pizza makers but specialised in both the flattening process (the pinsa dough base is stretched until it takes an oval shape unlike the traditional round pizza), the production and the making of more hydrated and delicate to handle doughs.


Di Marco’s factory offers consultations for people wanting to open a pinseria or transform the pizzeria in pinserie: there are Pinsaioli qualified for this.

Di Marco’s factory organises open days to meet the high demand of business owners interested in always being updated with the ongoing discoveries. These events have been very successful with a great number of people attending them.


In more recent times, the demand for pinsa and pinsa romana flour has greatly increased.

Also, the product has been used more and more thanks to the cooperation with new partners such as Rinaldi Superforni. The latter is one of the best manufacturers of pizza ovens and a new partner for the perfect pinsa thanks to the creation of an oven to optimise the cooking.

The “pizza cloud“, another way of calling pinsa given its wide air bubbles holes and dough softness, has always met customers’ expectations and inspired visitors at Di Marco’s exhibitions. This year, they have also attended the Gulfood of Dubai, which is the most important and biggest exhibition in the world.

Recently, the two latest products have begun to take hold: the pre-cooked dough (which is just as good as the traditional pizza) and pre-risen pinsa dough balls, both very good products.

Di Marco’s company definitely has plenty of ideas…

The Pinsa Romana phenomenon has just started, the pizza cloud will pop up more frequently!

Written by Luca admin

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