Pinsa Romana course

The first specific pinsa romana course is now available

For several years, Pinsa Romana has not just been a new entry in the food industry but also a tested and worldwide-appreciated product. It is, therefore, very common to find Pinseria restaurants.

The Pinsa Romana great digestibility and the dough’s aroma not only lead to great results but also leave Pinsaioli free to choose their ingredients and play around with combinations or very elaborated gourmet recipes.

The Pinsaiolo role is more and more popular and people (former or new pizzaioli) ask and wish to be fully trained in order to improve their work take advantage of job opportunities and learn about this special product.

If on the one hand, the pinsaiolo is a demanded position given the great success and Pinserie new openings. On the other, this person must master more technical skills than normal pizzaioli. In order to make doughs and knead the Pinsa, it is extremely important to have a good theoretical knowledge and know the practice in the best possible way.

The various Pinsa techniques such as dough mixture; rising and maturation; staglio1, rolling out; pre-cooking; seasoning and cooking are optimised processes with different working methods compared to normal pizzas.

Staglio is the method of dividing the dough in several pieces (panielli in the Neapolitan dialect).

The Pinsa Romana course is supervised by the major representative of this sector and structured to provide an advanced training, which is also suitable for those starting out. The chance to count on Pinsa expert teachers will allow trainees to learn the right concepts in a short period of time to become a trained professional.


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