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Gluten free Pinsa: Everything you need to know

Gluten free Pinsa Romana is a gastronomical product esthetically similar to regular Pinsa, but realized with a specific mix of flours, precisely without gluten.

What is Gluten free PinsaThe ingredients and the recipeProcess and cooking


How was it born?

Pinsa is a product requested and loved all over the world, for many years it has also been requested by celiacs, which brought the development and the study of a new, specific mix to obtain a gluten free product. 

During this long research the main goal was to create a mixture which respected the peculiarities of the original Pinsa Romana that everyone loves, so a product that cares for both the taste and the digestibility, characteristics that leave the consumer surprised from the first bite.

Technical characteristics

Gluten Free Pinsa’s principal characteristics are:

  • Its oval shape like the Original Pinsa Romana 
  • Its texture: crispy at its crust and soft inside 
  • Its digestibility: thanks to the mother pasta and the 100% hydration of the dough 
  • The uniqueness of the mix, 100% natural without any added gums.
  • Minimal use of sugar, only the 0.5% of sugars in the mix 
  • The fragrance given by the rice’s mother pasta

The strength of this flour and of this product lies exactly in the similarity getting closer to a regular Pizza or Pinsa (with gluten) 

This was possible thanks to the technical studies and work that made it possible to achieve this unique result.

Now, let’s get to know the product even better

The Ingredients

The gluten free flour mix is made of:

  • Corn starch- maltodextrins: the maltodextrins go to substitute carbohydrates and reduce the use of sugars in the mix 
  • Pea proteins: contributing to the mix’s proteic value and owning a biological value very beneficial for the organism 
  • Quinoa flour: rich of nutrients, with a high vitaminic and proteic value 
  • Rice mother pasta: donating a high digestibility, contributing to the unique fragrance for a gluten free. 
  • Vegetal fiber (Beet and Psyllium): useful for a good and regular digestive health 
  • Hydroxypropylmethyl-cellulose: element that helps in the realization of the doughs and reduces the glucose increase during meals 
  • Potato starch: helps the absorption of water and the creation of dough mass

The high hydration grade brings a better texture and better digestibility, exactly because we use less flour in the dough we considerably reduce the quantity of carbohydrates, calories, and fats in the final product.

Thanks to its lightness the Gluten Free Pinsa is particularly adequate for alternative seasonings, which can perfectly blend with the “pasta” of this product.  


Below are the various stages of dough processing:

  • Mix the flour and the yeast together in a bowl.
  • Add all the water and oil and start kneading slowly to get them completely absorbed by the flour.
  • Add the salt and start kneading more vigorously until you get a homogeneous dough without lumps.
  • Now grease the table with Extra Virgin Olive oil and put the dough on top, this will prevent it from sticking to the table.
  • The dough will be very sticky, so it will be important to grease it even on top before starting to portion it to make the doughballs. Let it rest on the table for 10/15 minutes and then, with greasy hands, weigh the dough to form the balls (about 280/300 g).
  • The shaping of the doughballs in a gluten-free dough does not have to be done as in the classic, the movement instead will be similar to that used to make meatballs!
  • Let rest the doughballs covered until the complete proofing (2 and a half times the initial volume) then stretch the Pinsa using Rice semolina.


The Gluten Free Pinsa can be cooked both in home ovens (at 250°C) and in pizzeria ovens, where the recommended cooking temperature is about 320°C.

Below the product processing video

How to realize the Gluten free Pinsa Romana

– From Flour

Grazie al mix Pinsa Senza Glutine è possibile realizzare l’impasto seguendo la ricetta e il procedimento scritto nel paragrafo “Procedimento e Cottura”. In 2-3 ore è quindi possibile realizzare e gustare un’ottima Pinsa per celiaci.

– From Precooked bases

1. MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging – fresh)

“Modified atmosphere is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package (commonly food packages, drugs, etc.) in order to improve the shelf life.” (source Wikipedia).

The Gluten Free Pinsa bases are stretched by hand with craftsmanship, the bases are prepared according to the original processing protocol and are excellent for any type of activity. The product must be stored at a temperature from 0 ° C to 4 ° C to have a shelf life of 30 days from the date of production.

The use of the bases minimize any problems due to the specialized staff and the inconveniences of the moment, with the safety of a product that is always qualitatively standard.

2. GELO (frozen)

The frozen bases have the same advantages of the fresh bases but they have a longer shelf life, we talk about 18 months. The product must be stored at freezer temperature (about -20° C)

The most requested information

How many calories does the Gluten Free Pinsa Mix have?

The Gluten Free Pinsa Romana mix has 371 calories per 100 grams of product.

How many calories does a Gluten Free Pinsa base have?

The precooked base of Gluten Free Pinsa has 230 calories per 100 grams of product.

In what format is the Gluten Free Pinsa served?

The Gluten Free Pinsa is nowadays mainly served in the format “al piatto”, about 250 gram.

How many proteins does the Gluten Free flours mix have?

The flours mix for Gluten Free Pinsa has 8% of protein.

How many sugars does the Gluten Free flours mix have?

The flours mix for Gluten Free Pinsa has only 0,5% of sugars.

Where you can find it

The flours mix and the bases are available both for activities: Pizzerias, Restaurant ecc. and for private clients:

Pizzerias, Restaurants, Pub ecc.

The flour or the bases Gluten Free can be purchased in the business section of the Pinsa For You website.

Private clients

The Gluten Free flours mix in the 1 kg format is available on the Pinsa For You website.


Nowadays, Pinsa is a controlled and protected product of excellence, it can be purchased in a pre-cooked base format and anyone can learn how to make it through specific training courses, all this is now possible also for the gluten-free world.

For all information on Pinsa Gluten Free you can contact us using the form below:



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